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As a leader in the industry with strong hands-on feed mill process experience, Camar Mill Systems Ltd. recognized a need for marked improvements in existing available Pellet Mill Control performance. To address this need, Camar Mill Systems Ltd. conducted an extensive pellet mill control development project. The result of this development is the high performance Progressor Pellet Mill Controller, which has demonstrated outstanding performance and substantial performance increases on every installation. The Progressor Founding Principles are outlined below. We believe the results speak for themselves.

Intelligence with Simplicity

Reliably controls the pelleting process like an intelligent operator would, but with greater consistency and with little operator attention. The operator interface is user friendly and easy to operate.

Fast Ramp & Temperature Control

Ramps up to target temperature and production rate quickly, without overshooting the targets, at the start of a run. This reduces the amount of off grade product, improving pellet quality and increasing pellet mill throughput.
After ramping, Progressor controls the temperature using its own new intelligent proportional control algorithm which supersedes the less reliable traditional PID loop control. Progressor intelligently relates and integrates all pelleting variables and responds accordingly, to maintain the temperature at target without cycling above and below target.
This level of control intelligence allows the operator to enter the desired temperature and production rate targets, then simply start the run and Progressor quickly ramps directly to the desired targets without overshooting. This increases the stability of the process, increases production and enhances quality control.


Stabilizes the pelleting process (which is inherently unstable) through intelligent control of the feed rate, horse power, steam and temperature to reduce the number of pellet mill plugs, while at the same time allowing increased production rates and improved product quality. With TPH mode, the pellet mill is controlled based on production rate, not motor load. This eliminates system instability as the result of attempting to control based on a constantly fluctuating motor load.

Advanced Plug Detection

With its unique Horsepower Profiling method Progressor reliably, intelligently and automatically detects pellet mill plugs immediately, as they are developing, without operator attention, then quickly and automatically recovers from those plugs to maximize production. Typically plugs are detected and Progressor takes corrective action before the operator notices the plug condition. All of these features enable Progressor to reliably tread the fine line between maximized production and a plug condition.

Rugged, Industrial Reliability

Progressor is a Rugged, Robust and Reliable industrial control, built for the industrial environment of the mill. The entire control system, including the operator interface, is constructed of standard off-the-shelf industrial components.

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