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Comparative equipment selection is part of our services to our clients. The client’s objectives determine the basis for the selection criteria. The Camar Equipment and Automation provides another choice in the selection.

Complimentary to the Design Services offered, Camar Mill Systems Ltd. has developed a range of high performance equipment and automation to meet the performance requirements of its clients’ facilities. All of the Camar Equipment and Automation has been developed to address specific performance, space or capacity needs, demonstrating our commitment to provide the optimum solution for each project.

Another Choice...

  • Pellet Cooler
    The Camar Counterflow Cooler combines innovative technology and design features to achieve efficient cooling performance. Flexible custom sizing and configurations provide solutions for limited space installations.
  • Crumbler
    High performance pellet crumblers with the full range of sizes and capacities up to 60 TPH with a single crumbler. Dimensions are compact for minimal space requirements.
  • Swing Spout Distributor
    Camar heavy duty single, dual or triple spout swing spout distributor distributes product from multiple sources simultaneously to a common set of destinations using a single spout to each bin. Advanced electronic absolute position control.
  • Micro Ingredient System
    Camar micro ingredient system with an advanced design to improve dribble control at the discharge of the augers. High precision scale with stability features for advanced accuracy. Optional pneumatic transfer system for clean transfer of micro ingredients without using a filter or receiver at the mixer.
  • Spot Filter
    Compact dust collecting filter for dust control on individual conveyors, bins or other equipment, which eliminates the need for any duct work. A fan is built into the filter for one compact unit.

Process Automation

  • Progressor Pellet Mill Controller
    With its strong hands-on feed mill process experience, Camar Mill Systems Ltd. recognized a need for high performance Pellet Mill Control Automation and has developed the high performance Progressor Pellet Mill Controller. Progressor demonstrates outstanding performance in pellet mill stability, throughput and temperature control. We believe the results speak for themselves.