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High Capacity Throughput in a Compact Design

When productivity and efficiency matter, you need equipment that won’t slow you down. Reducing bottlenecks in the system is key, which is why Camar Mill Systems Ltd. has introduced a new design for pellet crumbling.

The new Camar 16 x 84 crumbler has a higher capacity than two 12 x 72 crumblers and is rated at 60 tonnes/hr fine crumbles and 90 tonnes/hr coarse crumbles. Even though capacity is high, installation space is compact, with a height of only 20 1/4” and an overall length of only 115” including the drive guards.

Positive Belt Tension System

Another industry first is Camar's positive belt tension system. The tension on the heavy duty serpentine belt configuration stays constant through the full roll positioning travel range, providing a constant transfer of power to both rolls.

Optional Feed Roller

The roll feeder provides controlled feeding which allows the crumbler to perform more efficiently, maximizing capacity. The roll feeder is also ideal for improving capacity where current full capacity has been reached because of uneven feeding.

Positive Electric Position Drive

Being able to control the roll's position accurately is a result of the positive electric drive between the roll and the motor. The direct connection and electric drive ensures the mechancial movements are consistent and precise for final position setting.

Electric Roll Positioning

Keeping quality under control is easy with Camar's standard remote interface for crumble sizing. The LCD display shows the exact position of the roll which is easily adjusted by using the jog buttons. For further integration, Camar also offers automatic operation with setpoint entry and PLC interface

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