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Cool More Product While Maintaining Optimum Pellet Quality

The CAMAR Counterflow Cooler combines innovative technology with advanced design features to efficiently cool maximum product with minimal operator attention. Flexible custom sizing and configurations provide a wide range of capacities and solutions for limited space installations.

This cooler is designed to provide near continuous discharge as required to feed a crumbler and screener uniformly and is driven by a PLC controlled hydraulic discharge drive.The discharge grate has a large total open area which is achieved with a multiple slot grate design, resulting in reduced air velocity through the grate for more positive discharge.The cooler includes an inlet airlock and hydraulic unit to drive the discharge grate. The adjustable level sensors and stroke sensors are PLC controlled to control product level and discharge rate. The PLC is fully programmed and tested before delivery.


  • Simple and efficient operation
  • Flexible custom sizing available
  • Ambient air cooled
  • Air-lock feeder system
  • Product sensors to control bed depth
  • PLC controlled
  • Innovative discharge grate system
  • Final cleanout function
  • Hydraulically operated discharge grate
  • Automatic 4 speed control for pellet discharge
  • Stainless steel side and top panels
  • Hopper to suit crumbler

Cooler Options

  • Dual stroke regulator, providing
    8 discharge rates in 2 ranges
  • Hopper blockage control sensor
  • Pre-wired PLC control panel with operators
  • Centrifugal product distributor
  • Crumbler roll feeder
  • Cooler fan damper control for bed velocity control in special applications
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